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The Online Map Creation (OMC) Utility
Entry ID: Online_Map-OMC-00

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Abstract: (Summary adapted from the Internet Scout Project Volume4, Number5,
October 25, 2000)

Online Map Creation (OMC) is a resource for geologists,
geographers, or anyone needing to make a map figure for a
research paper or conference talk. Here you can create
Postscript-formatted maps of just about any locality by
inputting geographical coordinates. OMC is a subset of GMT
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Description: All maps are created by Generic Mapping Tools.
Service Citation
Originators: kk+w digitale kartografie
Title: Online Map Creation
Release_Date: 1999-03-01
Provider: kk+w digitale kartografie
Edition: Version 4.1
Service Keywords

Quality Known bugs: Plotting maps with topography and/or bathymetry
contours with a Lambert Azimuthal projection results in a map where
only the area specified in the input form gets the contours.

Performance of OMC depends on internal processing time and ratio
in a given situation. Internal processing (map generation, postscript
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Use Constraints The OMC offers the plotting of contour lines for bathymetry
(water depth) and topography (elevation of dry areas). The
information used are derived from the ETOPO5 data set which is
available from U.S. National Geophysical Data Center
(NGDC). E. S?ding of GEOMAR made a global GRD-file from ETOPO05
and allowed us to use this with OMC.

Here this data set is only used to illustrate the relief of the
area mapped: the contours are not annotated. The deviation of
the contours from the "real world" might reach tens to hundreds
of meters. It is not intended to give serious morphological
information (e.g. for navigational purposes).
Ancillary Keywords
Geographic Information Systems
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Service Provider
KKWDK > kk+w digitale kartografie Supplemental Info
Service Organization URL:

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: +49-431-5791 - 160
Fax: +49-431-5791 - 161
Email: info at
Contact Address:
kk+w - digitale kartografie
LornsenstraBe 41
Korsgen, Kantz und Weinelt
City: Keil
Postal Code: D-24105
Country: GERMANY
Distribution Media
Distribution_Media: Electronic (Internet)
Phone: (301) 614-6898
Fax: 301-614-5268
Email: Tyler.B.Stevens at
Contact Address:
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
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(GMT) version 3.0 Technical Reference & Cookbook,

Wessel, P., and W. H. F. Smith, 1995 New Version of the Generic
Mapping Tools Released, EOS Trans. AGU, 76, p. 329.

Wessel, P., and W. H. F. Smith, 1995 New Version of the Generic
Mapping Tools Released,Copyright 1995 by the American Geophysical Union.

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Foundations of World Wide Web Programming with HTML and CGI. -
IDG Books Worldwide Inc., Foster City CA, USA: 648 pp.

R.L.Schwarz (1995): Einf?hrung in Perl. - O'Reilly/Internationl
Thomson Verlag, Bonn: 258 pp.
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