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Procedures for GCMD Keyword Modification

If you wish to suggest a modification (addition/deletion/change) to the GCMD science keyword list, please follow these procedures:

1. Verify that the keyword you are suggesting does NOT already exist in the science keyword hierarchy.

2. Provide a written request to add or modify a keyword(s).   All requests must include complete definitions of the keywords that you wish to be considered.   Send to: GCMD User Support

3. In some instances, you may be asked to provide additional justification for your request.  In these cases, you should repeat Step 2.

4. If you receive an acceptance for your new keyword(s) or suggested modification(s), you may accept or decide to withdraw your suggestion.

5. If agreement can be reached, the authors of all DIFs and SERFs affected will then be notified to ascertain that the change is acceptable.   If DIF or SERF authors choose to hold a copy of the modified metadata at their local site,  then the revised descriptions should be retrieved from the GCMD database so that additional changes made locally can be made to the revised records.

6. Accepted changes will be made available to the public through the GCMD.


To suggest a modification to the GCMD keyword valids, please contact one of the GCMD science staff, or e-mail your suggestion to GCMD User Support.

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