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Science User Working Group

Representing the broad range of Earth science disciplines including life sciences, oceanography, paleoclimate, cryosphere, hydrology, human dimensions, geophysics, and atmospheric science is an active Science User Working Group. Members are chosen for their interest in NASA's directory effort, and for their understanding of the importance of high quality data management.

The composition of members for the June 2010 UWG included Chairperson, Dr. Hubert Staudigel Scripps Institution of Oceanography; Dr. Benno Blumenthal, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory at Columbia University; Mr. Eugene Burger, NOAA Pacific Marine Environmental Laboratory; Dr. Wyn Cudlip representing the CEOS IDN; Dr. Vicki Ferrini, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory; Ms. Vivian Hutchison, USGS/Biological Resources Division (BRD); and Mr. David Toll, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center.    The GCMD Science User Working Group works under the GCMD UWG Terms of Reference.

We wish to express our gratitude for those who have served on the GCMD's Science User Working Group in previous years.

Mr. Martin Ruzek, (USRA) 2004-2009
Dr. Walter R. Hoegy, NASA/Goddard 2004-2006
Dr. Doug Beard, USGS/Biological Resources Division 2004-2006
Dr. Glenn K. Rutledge, NOAA/National Climatic Data Center 2004-2006
Dr. Erick Chiang, National Science Foundation/Office of Polar Programs 2004-2006
Dr. Wendell Brown, University of Massachusetts-Dartmouth 2000-2006
Dr. Jonathan Callahan, NOAA/PMEL 1998-2003
Dr. Elissa Levine, NASA/Goddard 1998-2003
Dr. John Porter, University of Virginia 1996-2003
Ms. Andrea Buffam, Canadian Centre for Remote Sensing 1994-2006
Dr. Bernard Minster, Scripps Institution of Oceanography 1994-2001
Dr. Lou Steyaert, USGS/NASA Goddard 1994-2000
Dr. Peter Cornillon, University of Rhode Island, Oceanography 1994-1999
Dr. Dorothy Hall, NASA/Goddard 1994-1998
Mr. Dave McGuirk, NOAA 1994-1997

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