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The GCMD/IDN has completed transitioning viable service descriptions from Service Entry Resource Format (SERF) to Unified Metadata Model (UMM-S) in the CMR. The UMM-S offers additional capabilities for describing services that will be beneficial to the Earth science community. You can find out more information about the UMM-S on the Earthdata website.

Now that the SERF transition is complete, the SERF records and the SERF docBUILDER tool will be decommission in April 2019. The Metadata Management Tool (MMT) is scheduled to be available to all providers for service record curation later this year. If you are interested in curating and submitting UMM-S records in the meantime or have additional questions, please contact the GCMD/IDN User Support Office at GSFC-GCMDUSO@mail.nasa.gov. Additional information will be forthcoming as the MMT release date nears.

Sincerely, The GCMD/IDN Team

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