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What's New in docBUILDER


docBUILDER is a web-based metadata authoring tool that allows metadata authors to add (or modify) data set descriptions (DIFs) that comply with the Common Metadata Repository (CMR) Unified Metadata Model for Collections (UMM-C). The tool allows metadata authors to validate and submit their DIFs directly to the CMR. docBUILDER writes metadata to the new DIF-10 format.

New Features:

  • Eight new fields (Version, Version Description, Metadata Association, Metadata Dates, Additional Attributes, Product Level Id, Collection Data Type, Product Flag).

  • Sixteen renamed/restructured fields (Project, Dataset Citation, Temporal Coverage, Spatial Coverage, Related URL, Science Keywords, Ancillary Keyword, Platform, Dataset Progress, Personnel, Organization, Instrument, Parent Metadata, Metadata Creation, Metadata Last Revision, Metadata Future Review).

  • Import and export metadata to and from the Common Metadata Repository (CMR).

  • Download metadata to desktop.

  • New user interface, file menu, field-to-field editing, collapsible fields, tool-tips, and documentation.

  • Integrates GXT/GWT technology for creating customized editors.

  • Enhanced inline QA validation of field content, syntax, verification of controlled keywords, and completeness using customized QA rules that comply with the UMM-C.

  • Support for markdown in large text fields (eg: Summary, Access Constraints, Quality, Use Constraints, etc.) for customized formatting.

  • Integrates known Earth observation Platform-Instrument relationships.

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