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The <Entry_Title> is the title of the service described by the metadata.

  • <Entry_Title> should be descriptive enough so that when a user is presented with a list of titles the general content of the service can be determined. For example, <Entry_Title>Data Mining</Entry_Title> would not be an adequate service title as it does not provide enough descriptive information to guide the user.
  • In order to make titles descriptive, important elements about the service may be included in the <Entry_Title>, i.e., type of service, investigator, project. For example, <Entry_Title> Algorithm Development and Mining System (ADaM)</Entry_Title> provides an adequate amount of information to guide the user.

<Entry_Title>Title of the service</Entry_Title>

  • 1 to 220 characters permitted from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The Entry_Title should follow standard mixed (i.e. upper and lower) case.
  • The <Entry_Title> field is required and is not repeatable.

<Entry_Title>Climate Data Analysis Tools (CDAT)</Entry_Title>

<Entry_Title>Texas Surface Water Quality Viewer</Entry_Title>

<Entry_Title>Solar Terrestrial Dispatch - Space Weather Forecasting Services</Entry_Title>


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