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The <Quality> field allows the author to provide information about the quality of the data or any quality assurance procedures followed in producing the data described in the metadata. Suggestions for information to include in the <Quality> field
  • Description should be succinct.
  • Include indicators of data quality or quality flags.
  • Include recognized or potential problems with quality.
  • Established quality control mechanisms should be included.
  • Established quantitative quality measurements should be included.

<Quality>multiple lines of text</Quality>  

  • Multiple lines of text are allowed for the <Quality> field and may contain characters from the UTF-8 character set.
  • The <Quality> field is highly recommended and may not be repeated.

<Quality>The data set has been in extensive use for over 5 years by many researchers and has resulted in multiple publications.</Quality>  

<Quality>Orbit calculations using the JGM-3 gravity model have reduced the radial orbit error to 10-15 cm.</Quality>  

<Quality>This data has been in extensive use in weather forecasting and atmospheric chemistry research for many years, and has thus been subject to independent review by many scientific experts.</Quality>


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