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DIF Revision History


The <DIF_Revision_History> allows the author to provide a list of changes made to the DIF over time.This provides a mechanism for tracking revisions to DIF content.


<DIF_Revision_History>yyyy-mm-dd, text of revision history</DIF_Revision_History>

Year, month and day must follow the International Standard ISO 8601 in the
form: yyyy-mm-dd, where:

yyyy= the 4 digit year
mm= the 2-digit month (01 – 12)
dd = the 2-digit day (01-31)

  • The <DIF_Revision_History> field is recommended and may not be repeated.
  • Multiple lines of text are allowed. Each line may contain up to 600 characters of the UTF-8 character set and should be proceeded by the date the change was made.
<DIF_Revision_History>2004-09-05, Jane Doe, DIF author, changed PI telephone number

<DIF_Revision_History>2005-12-17, global update, changed Data_Center_URL 2006-05-22, populated new fields for version 6


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