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1. Alongtrack data for LMG1110 [alongtrack_LMG110]
A broad array of ship and environmental conditions were logged continuously along the ship's track during cruise LMG1110 west of the West Antarctic Peninsula. Reported at one minute values are navigational, ...

2. CTD cast data [ctd_cruise_LMG1110]
A total of 20 CTD stations were occupied and sampled during the cruise. Hydrographic data were collected in all sampling regions of the study.

3. CTD data from MOCNESS tows [ctd_mocness_LMG1110]
CTD data collected during the 1 meter2 MOCNESS tows to the Cape Shirreff area in the Antarctic. These data represent the water column conditions at the time/depth each net was open along the ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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