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1. U.S. AFGWC Global Surface Observations for SESAME, few days 1977Apr-Sep [NCAR_DS462.2]
DSS acquired this data for Kreitzberg's work in the Severe Storms in American Midwest Experiment. Data exist only for a few days across the period from April to September 1977.

2. Data from the Second European Stratospheric Arctic and Mid-Latitude Experiment (SESAME) 1994-5 [NILU_SESAME]
The Second European Stratospheric Arctic and Middle Latitude Experiment (SESAME) started in February 1994 and lasted through 1995. The highest scientific priority of SESAME was to understand ...

3. Temperature, Pressure and Potential Vorticity Fields at Theta Surfaces from the European Centre for Medium-Range Weather Forecasting [NILU_ECMWF_ISENTROPIC]
The pressure, temperature and potential vorticity (PV) fields are used for European stratospheric ozone research projects, such as EASOE and SESAME as well as other EU funded projects. The PV, pressure ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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