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1. Oceanographic and Marine Biological Data near Syowa Station, Antarctica in 1984/1985 (JARE-25) [NIPR-M10]
Chlorophyll a, pH, salinity and nutrient salts were measured about the sea water collected by using a Van Dorn sampler at 3 points near Syowa Station, Antarctica from 1984 to 1985.

2. Zooplankton Data at Syowa Station in 1984 by JARE-25 [NIPR-M21]
Zooplankton were collected using a Norpac net sampler at 3 points on the Antarctic Ocean near Syowa Station from 1984 to 1985. The input data capacity of latitude and longitude values ...

3. Airborne Magnetic Survey Data in Antarctica by JARE [NIPR-GEO-1]
The digital data which can be supplied are total intensity raw data, and not reduced to magnetic anomaly data. However, the user can analyze the data by him/herself with the ...

4. Chlorophyll Concentrations in Antarctic Waters during JARE-25 Cruise in 1983/1984 [NIPR-M7]
Chlorophyll concentrations in sea surface waters collected on board Shirase during the JARE25 Cruise to Syowa station, Antarctica from 1983 to 1984 were measured with spectrofluorometer. ...

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