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7. ERS-1_LEVEL0 [ERS-1_L0_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Level 0 Frame

8. ERS-1_LEVEL1 [ERS-1_L1_1]
ERS-1 Standard Beam Data Level 1

9. ERS-2_LEVEL0 [ERS-2_L0_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 0

10. ERS-2_LEVEL1 [ERS-2_L1_1]
ERS-2 Standard Beam Data Level 1

11. JERS-1_LEVEL0 [JERS-1_L1_1]
JERS-1 Level 0 Data

12. JERS-1_LEVEL1 [JERS-1_L0_1]
JERS-1 Level 1 Data

RADARSAT-1 Level 0

RADARSAT-1 Level 1 Amplitude Images


SEASAT Image Level 1

17. Aboveground Biomass High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 [Tidal_Marsh_Biomass_US_1610_1]
This dataset provides maps of aboveground tidal marsh biomass (g/m2) at 30m resolution for six estuarine regions of the conterminous United States: Cape Cod, MA; Chesapeake Bay, MD, Everglades, FL; ...

18. Arctic Vegetation Plots from Pingo Communities, North Slope, Alaska, 1984-1986 [Pingo_Veg_Plots_1507_1]
This data set provides vegetation species and vegetation plot data collected between 1983 and 1985 from 293 study plots on 41 pingos on the North Slope of Alaska. The pingos were located within the ...

19. Arctic Vegetation Plots in Northern NWT and YT, Canada, 1965-1966 [Canadian_West_Arctic_Veg_Plots_1543_1]
This dataset provides vegetation, soil, and plot characteristics for 154 study plots located at three sites across the Richardson Mountains, Northwest Territories (NWT), and the British Mountains, ...

20. BOREAS Regional Soils Data in Raster Format and AEAC Projection [BOREAS_REGSOILR_285_1]
This data set was gridded by BORIS staff from a vector data set received from Canadian Soil Information System (CanSIS). Data were gridded into the Albers Equal-Area Conic (AEAC) projection.

21. BOREAS TE-01 Soils Data over the SSA Tower Sites in Raster Format [BOREAS_SOILTE1R_312_1]
Gridded from vector layers of soil maps that were received from Dr. Darwin Anderson TE-01, who did the original soil mapping in the field during 1994. The vector layers were gridded into raster files ...

22. BOREAS TE-20 Soils Data over the NSA-MSA and Tower Sites in Vector Format [BOREAS_SOILT20V_533_1]
Vector layers of soil maps. The vector layers were converted to ARC/INFO EXPORT files. These data cover 1-km diameters around each of the NSA tower sites and another layer covers the NSA-MSA.

23. Geobotanical and Impact Map Collection for Prudhoe Bay Oilfield, Alaska, 1972-2010 [Prudhoe_Bay_Veg_Maps_1387_1]
This data set provides a collection of maps of geoecological characteristics of areas within the Beechey Point quadrangle near Prudhoe Bay on the North slope of Alaska: a geobotanical atlas of the ...

24. Global Soil Profile Data (ISRIC-WISE) [ISRIC_547_1]
The ISRIC-WISE International soil profile data set consists of a homogenized, global set of 1,125 soil profiles for use by global modelers. These profiles provided the basis for the Global Pedon Database ...

25. Green Vegetation Fraction High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 [Tidal_Marsh_Vegetation_US_1608_1]
This dataset provides 30m resolution maps of the fraction of green vegetation within tidal marshes for six estuarine regions of the conterminous United States: Cape Cod, MA; Chesapeake Bay, MD; Everglades, ...

26. LBA Regional Hydrographic Data, 1-Degree, Release 2.2 (Cogley) [lba_cogley_676_1]
This data set is a subset of Cogley's 1998 global hydrographic data set (GGHYDRO, Release 2.2). The subset was created for the study area of the Large Scale Biosphere-Atmosphere Experiment in Amazonia ...

27. LBA-ECO LC-07 Amazon Floodplain Lake Chlorophyll from MODIS, Para, Brazil: 2002-2003 [LC07_LAKE_CHLORO_1000_1]
This data set, LBA-ECO LC-07 Amazon Floodplain Lake Chlorophyll from MODIS, Para, Brazil: 2002-2003, contains chlorophyll concentration maps of the Amazon River floodplain region from Parintins (Amazonas) ...

28. Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Imnavait Creek, Alaska [Imnavait_Creek_Veg_Maps_1385_1]
This dataset provides the spatial distribution of vegetation types, soil carbon, and physiographic features in the Imnavait Creek area, Alaska. Specific attributes include vegetation, percent water, ...

29. Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Kuparuk River Basin, Alaska [Kuparuk_Veg_Maps_1378_1]
This data set provides a collection of vegetation, landscape, geobotanical, elevation, hydrology, and geologic maps for the Kuparuk River Basin, North Slope, Alaska. The maps cover either (1) the ...

30. Maps of Vegetation Types and Physiographic Features, Toolik Lake Area, Alaska [Toolik_Lake_Area_Veg_Maps_1380_1]
This data set provides the spatial distributions of vegetation types, soil carbon, and physiographic features in the Toolik Lake area, Alaska. Specific attributes include vegetation, percent water, ...

31. Mean Annual Fluxes of Carbon in Coastal Ecosystems of Eastern North America [Coastal_Carbon_Budget_NE_US_1594_1]
This dataset contains best estimates and uncertainties for mean annual fluxes of inorganic, organic, and total (organic + inorganic) carbon in tidal wetlands, estuaries and shelf waters of eastern ...

32. Pre-LBA CABARE Mapped Land Surface and Vegetation Characteristics, Rondonia, Brazil [PRE-LBA_CABARE_918_1]
Surface parameter digital maps of vegetation, soil, and topography were obtained for Rondonia, Brazil, covering the 5x5 degree region bounded by 13-8 degrees S and 65-60 degrees W. Numerical maps ...

33. Pre-LBA FLOODAMA Project Data [PRE-LBA_FLOODAMA_903_1]
This data set provides a digital mosaic of the Amazon River floodplain that was compiled using Landsat TM images. This mosaic was planned in July 1995 as an activity of the EOS-IDS Project that was ...

34. Pre-LBA ISLSCP Initiative I Data [Pre-LBA_ISLSCP-I_919_1]
This data set contains hydrology, soils, radiation, cloud, and vegetation data from the International Satellite Land Surface Climatology Project (ISLSCP) Initiative I. The ISLSCP data sets should ...

35. SAFARI 2000 Hydrographic Data, 1-Deg, Release 2.2 (Cogley) [s2k_cogley_636_1]
This southern African subset of the Global Hydrographic data set (GGHYDRO) Release 2.2 is organized into 19 files containing terrain type, stream frequency counts, major drainage basins, main features ...

36. Vegetation and Open Water High-Resolution Maps for Selected US Tidal Marshes, 2015 [High_Res_Tidal_Marsh_Veg_1609_1]
This dataset provides maps of tidal marsh green vegetation, non-vegetation, and open water for six estuarine regions of the conterminous United States: Cape Cod, MA; Chesapeake Bay, MD, Everglades, ...

37. TOMODEC. High resolution seismic tomography of Deception Island (Antarctica), and modelling of seismo-volcanic sources [TOMODEC_2005_PROJECT-SPAIN]   CHILD METADATA
The TOMO-DEC experiment was organized in three main legs: (1) a search for sites to deploy seismic stations and for temporary camps to accommodate the researchers (austral summer 2003-2004); (2) the ...

38. Cape Denison and McKellar Islands GIS dataset from Ikonos satellite imagery [gis41]
A GIS dataset of around Cape Denison and part of George V land created from two IKONOS satellite images. Layers created from digitising directly from the imagery include: mapping extent, continent, ...

39. Data on freshwater and hydrochemistry in the Antarctic Peninsula region. [CNDP-ESP_GEOANT-UAM_Freshwater]   PARENT METADATA
In English: Surface freshwater, snow and groundwater studies in the Antarctic Peninsula region and Ellsworth Mountains. Hydrochemical data. From projects of the research group on Geology of the University ...

40. Fisher Massif Mapped from Landsat 7 Imagery. [LANDSAT_FISHER_FEATURES]
Fisher Massif Features Mapped from Mosaiced Pan Sharpened Landsat 7 Imagery. FEATURE MAPPING An unsupervised classification was run on the final image to create an image with 12 distinct grey scale ...

41. Heard Island Topographic Mapping from Orthophotos derived from Non-Metric Photography [HIC_PHOTO_NMOrtho_TopoMapping]
The Heard Island Topographic Data was mapped from Ortho-rectified non-metric photography. The data consists of Coastline, Glacier, Lagoon, Offshore Rocks, Water Storage and Watercourse datasets digitised ...

42. Prince Charles Mountains Features Mapped from Landsat 7 Imagery [LANDSAT_PRINCE_CHARLES_MOUNTAINS_FEATURES]
Mapping of the major features of the Prince Charles Mountains (massifs, peaks, glaciers, etc), derived from a Landsat 7 image captured in November of 2001. All features were mapped in ESRI's ArcGIS ...

43. Use of ground penetrating radar to elucidate ice structure and moraine formation processes in the Windmill Islands [GPR_MORAINE_ANARE53_CASEY]
GPR cross sections collected above the Loken Moraines, near Casey Station, Antarctica. The instrument used was Ramac GPR with 50 MHz and 25 MHz unshielded antennas. Data are in .rad and .rd3 format.

44. Fieldwork and sampling at Loewe Massif-Amery Oasis [ASAC_1071_Loewe]
At Loewe Massif and Amery Oasis, samples were taken; - for sediment analysis (XRF geochemistry and grain size) - for geochronology (cosmogenic isotope analysis). The custodian for these samples is ...

45. Advanced Solid-state Array Spectroradiometer (ASAS) [asas]
The Advanced Solid-state Array Spectroradiometer (ASAS) data collection contains data collected by the ASAS sensor flown aboard NASA aircraft. A fundamental use of ASAS data is to characterize and ...

46. Aerial Photographs (from AMES Pilot Land Data System); USGS EDC, Sioux Falls [EARTH_LAND_USGS_AMES_AIR_PHOTOS]
The aerial photography inventoried by the Pilot Land Data System (PLDS) at NASA AMES Research Center has been transferred to the USGS EROS Data Center. The photos were obtained from cameras mounted ...

47. GTOPO30 Hydro 1K [gtopo30_hydro_1k]
HYDRO1k is a geographic database developed to provide comprehensive and consistent global coverage of topographically derived data sets, including streams, drainage basins and ancillary layers derived ...

48. Global Multi-resolution Terrain Elevation Data 2010 (GMTED2010) [gmted2010]
The USGS and the NGA have collaborated on the development of a notably enhanced global elevation model named the GMTED2010 that replaces GTOPO30 as the elevation dataset of choice for global and continental ...

49. HDDS_Baseline_Adhoc [HDDS_Baseline_Adhoc]
The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Emergency Operations, in support of the Department of Homeland Security, provides imagery and resources for use in disaster preparations, rescue and relief operations, ...

50. Heat Capacity Mapping Mission (HCMM) [hcmm]
The mission was the first of a series of NASA Applications Explorer Missions and is also known as AEM-A. Day/night coverage over a given area occurred at intervals ranging from 12 to 36 hours with ...

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