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Ozone depletion, first detected in the 1970’s and generally greater at higher latitudes in winter and spring, has formed a “hole” that could be as big as the U.S. area and as deep as 66% loss of total ...

2. Geospatial Information - Geodesy (GIANT) [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_SGM]
Goals: 1. To densify the geodetic infrastructure established from the permanent observatories; and 2. To develop a deformation model for surface movement vectors within a common Antarctic reference ...

3. Archaeological Prospection of the Peninsula of Fildes [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_ARCH_2006]
Responsible: Dr Antonio Lezama, Lic. Virginia Pereira, Bach. Ezequiel Fernández. The present project raises the accomplishment of an archaeological investigation in the Peninsula of Fildes. The low ...

4. El Glaciar Collins: Como Sensor Natural Del Calentamiento Global En La Antartica (Collins Glacier: A Natural Indicator of Global Warming in Antarctica) [AMD_UY-Glaciology2004]
Implementation of experimental pilot catchment areas for measuring continuous glacier discharge (output time series) and relation with meteorological parameters (input time series).

5. Epoch Crustal Movement Campaigns [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_SGMKGIS]
Goal: To provide an integrated geographic database of King George Island for use by all countries and in multi-disciplinary applications. Activities: 1. Continue obtaining and integrating data 2. ...

6. Selection and Characterization of Microorganisms with Biotechnological Interest for Enzymes, Biopolymers and Metabolites Production from Antarctic Ecosystems [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_ING]
Industrial enzymes are obtained from prokaryotes as well as unicelluar eucaryotics. Less than 5 % of all the microbial species have been isolated and characterized, therefore only a limited genetic ...

7. Study of the Required Psychological Characteristics of Humans Regarding Insertion into the Antarctic Environment and their Application [AMD_UY_Psycology_2004]
This research began with observations and sampling during the 1994/95 Antarctic Campaign. The human behavior index of adaptability to the social mean and environment, and different personality ...

8. Thermographic study of the uruguayan Antarctic Base "Artigas" [IDN_NOD_AMD_UY_TERM]
The objective of this activity is to study the lost of heat and the difference of temperature in the Artigas Uruguayan Antarctic Base using infrared technology. Thermography is the use of an infrared ...

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