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1. Bathythermograph (MBT and XBT) and Termistor Chain Temperature Data from the Atlantic and the North Sea; Some Global Data; GATE and FLEX [DOD_M_XBT_TERMISTOR]
FILE: BT/XBT-data This file consists of Mechanical (MBT) and XBT data, mainly from the North Atlantic, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. Temperature/Depth data are available from 38,200 stations, ...

2. Current Data from the Northeast Atlantic, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea [DOD_CURRENTS]
FILE: Sea surface current data This file consists of Sea surface current data at German, Federal Republic, light vessels, mainly in the North Sea and the Baltic. Data are available from 1924 to the ...

3. Ocean Station Data (Primarily Temperature and Salinity), and Phytoplankton Data; North Atlantic, Baltic Sea, North Sea, and some Global [DOD_STATION_PHYTO]
FILE: Oceanographic station data from German research vessels This file consists of Classical oceanographic bottle stations (57,400 stations), including hydrochemicals (about 15 percent). Oceanographic ...

4. Tidal Data from the North Sea (FLEX, 1976) [DOD_TIDES]
This file consists of tide gauge data from the North Sea taken during FLEX in 1976. There are nine time series.

5. WOCE Hydrographic program Atlantic Ocean Online Atlas [WOCE_Atlantic]
The Atlantic Atlas is Volume 4 of a series of hydrographic Atlas books and websites for the presentation of the hydrographic work carried out during the World Ocean Circulation Experiment. Vertical ...

6. Wave Data from the Northeast Atlantic, the Baltic Sea and the North Sea [DOD_WAVES]
FILE: Wave spectra This file consists of 601 wave spectra from the Northeast Atlantic (GATE, 1974) and North Sea (FLEX, 1976). FILE: Wave observations This file consists of Wave observations at German, ...

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