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1. Bathymetric Data from the Ecuadorian Area of the Southeast Pacific [INOCAR_BATHYM]
Bathymetric data for the Ecuadorian area (depth and geographic coordinates of UTM) area available in chart form.

2. Hourly Tides and Sea Level along the Ecuadorian coast and in the Galapagos [INOCAR_TIDES]
Observations of hourly tides and hourly sea level (high and low) are available for fixed stations along the Ecuadorian coast and in the Galapagos: La Libertad (from 1948), Bahia de Caraquez ...

3. Meteorological Data from the Ecuadorian Coast [INOCAR_METO]
Meteorological data (including air temperature, pressure, rainfall, humidity, and winds) are available for nine fixed stations along the Ecuadorian coast. Data are available from the following dates: ...

4. Oceanographic Station data from the Ecuadorian Territorial Seas (Southeast Pacific) [INOCAR_STATION_DATA]
Oceanographic data are provided from depth 0 to 700 meters for temperature and salinity, and chemical data (oxygen, phosphates, nitrites, nitrates, silicates and PH). There also exist lists of the ...

5. Wave Data from the Monteverde and Jaramijo Areas of the Coast of Ecuador [INOCAR_WAVES]
Wave height and period area measured each half an hour. Data are available from Monteverde (1981-85) and Jaramijo (1979-1980).

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