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51. CAC Monthly Global Analyses for October 1978 to September 1994 [NCAR_DS086.0]
This dataset contains monthly means of several meteorological variables, their squares, and their cross-products for nine levels in the atmosphere. These mean grids were prepared ...

52. CAC Monthly Pacific Island Precipitation [NCAR_DS573.0]
This dataset contains monthly mean rainfall amounts from Malaysia, islands in the central Pacific Ocean, and Hawaii.

53. CAC Outgoing Longwave Radiation, Monthly Means and Half Month Means, 1974Jun-1999Feb [NCAR_DS718.5]
This dataset contains monthly and semi-monthly means of outgoing longwave radiation derived from polar orbiting satellites passing over each earth location at least twice daily. ...

54. CAC TD9643 U.S. Station Temperature and Precipitation, monthly 1981-1983 [NCAR_DS570.3]
Monthly temperature and precipitation for U.S. stations for 1981 to 1983 from the Climate Analysis Center (CAC).

55. CDIAC U.S. Historical Climatology Network (HCN) Daily Temperature, Precipitation, and Snow Observations for 1871-1997 [NCAR_DS511.0]
This dataset contains daily observations of maximum and minimum temperature, precipitation, snowfall, and snow depth for 1062 observing stations in the lower 48 United States. ...

56. CDIAC U.S. Historical Sunshine Observations, 1891-1984 [NCAR_DS565.1]
This dataset contains sunshine data for 240 U.S. stations (including Puerto Rico and nine Pacific islands) for the years from 1891 to 1984. The periods of record for individual ...

57. CDROMs of Northern Hemisphere Gridded Analyses, 1946-1994Dec [NCAR_DS195.5]
Version III CD-ROMs include twice daily analyses from 1946 through December 1994. Selected daily grids (not on CD-ROMs) of 1995-2009 are now available as of 2010JAN28.

58. CLIMAP Climatic Boundary Conditions for 18,000 YBP [NCAR_PALEOCLIMATE]
This data set contains Climatic boundary conditions (CLIMAP) for 18,000 years before present and present, water, soil, glacier, vegetation coverage, sea surface temperature, and elevation are included ...

59. CLIMAP Climatic Boundary Conditions for 18,000 years before present [NCAR_DS862.0]
Northern Hemisphere present and 18,000 years before present, sea surface temperature, elevation, vegetation, soil type, and glacial ice from the CLIMAP project. Coarse resolution ...

60. CORE.2 Global Air-Sea Flux Dataset [NCAR_DS260.2]
This dataset contains the complete set of global air-sea heat and water flux components computed from version 2 of CORE (Common Ocean Reference Experiment) atmospheric state ...

61. CPC Global Summary of Day/Month Observations, 1979-continuing [NCAR_DS512.0]
This global summary of the day and month data set is obtained on a delayed monthly basis from the Climate Prediction Center (CPC) of the National Centers for Environmental ...

62. CPC Merged Analysis of Precipitation (CMAP) [NCAR_DS728.1]
Precipitation from five kinds of satellite estimates and the NCEP/NCAR reanalysis model output are combined for global coverage monthly precipitation values. The standard products ...

63. Campbell's Earth Radiation Budget Experiment (ERBE), 1978Nov-1983Oct [NCAR_DS730.0]
Radiation Budget Climatology, for the top of the atmosphere.

64. Campbell's International Satellite Cloud Climate Project (ISCCP) B1 [NCAR_DS725.0]
GOES 8 km/3 hr archive of IR and VIS data from GOES West. (ISCCP B-1 data).

65. Campbell's International Satellite Cloud Climate Project (ISCCP) B1, B2 [NCAR_DS725.2]
The satellite data is from GOES-9, GOES-10, GOES-12. There are line-drop problem prior to summer 1997. This may cause navigational error.

66. Campbell's International Satellite Cloud Climate Project (ISCCP) CX [NCAR_DS725.1]
This dataset contains ISCCP CX satellite data at about 30km resolution.

67. Canada Summary of Day, 1840-1991 [NCAR_DS516.2]
This version is the merge of ds516.0 [] and ds516.1 []. Duplicate reports have been eliminated. Conflicting reports have been saved in a separate file. Bad reports have been ...

68. Canada Summary of Day, 1890-1979 [NCAR_DS516.0]
First version of set. Combined with ds516.1 [], a later version, to create ds516.2 [], the preferred set to use.

69. Canada Summary of Day, selected stations, 1840-1991 [NCAR_DS516.1]
A later version of the set. Combined with ds516.0 [] to create ds516.2 [], the preferred set to use.

70. Canadian Climate Centre Model Outputs for Carbon Dioxide Studies [NCAR_DS318.3]
The second generation General Circulation Model (GCMII) at the Canadian Climate Centre was used to run a CO2 experiment in which the current climate (1xCO2) was compared with ...

71. Canadian Hourly Surface Data Subset, 1947-1973 [NCAR_DS487.0]
This dataset, provided by the Meteorological Service of Canada, contains a subset of their hourly station data archive.

72. Canadian ISDM (formerly MEDS) Drifting Buoy Observations [NCAR_DS256.0]
Canadian quality-controlled Integrated Science Data Management (ISDM, formerly MEDS) drifting (and some moored) buoy data, used as input for International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere ...

73. Canadian MEDS West and East Coast Temperature and Salinity Observations [NCAR_DS257.0]
Time series of water temperature and salinity collected at various points on Canadian coasts.

74. Canadian Monthly Station Temperature and Precipitation [NCAR_DS576.0]
This dataset contains monthly temperature and precipitation data for Canadian surface stations through 1989. The period of record for individual stations varies widely, but ...

75. Canadian Ozonesondes and Total Ozone from July 1957 through December 1985 [NCAR_DS805.2]
Daily station total ozone and ozonesondes from Canada.

76. Canadian Surface Observations, daily 1963jan-1976dec, 95 stations [NCAR_DS469.0]
This dataset contains daily surface observations from ninety-five Canadian stations from January 1963 to December 1976.

77. Central England Temperatures, Manley, 1659-1995 [NCAR_DS825.0]
This dataset contains a long time series of temperature for central England. Monthly mean temperatures are available from January 1659, and daily mean temperatures begin in ...

78. Chang's SSM/I Monthy Precipitation Estimates [NCAR_DS729.0]
This Global Precipitation Climate Project (GPCP) dataset contains 89 months of DMSP SSM/I derived monthly rainfall indices on a 5-degree latitude/longitude grid covering the ...

79. Chellia's CAC Global Tropospheric Climate Diagnostics, 1979-1988 [NCAR_DS218.1]
This dataset contains longterm means of geopotential height, temperature, and wind for the troposphere from 1000mb up to 100mb. Means are computed for the period from 1979 ...

80. China Daily Precipitation and Monthly Soil Temperature, 1951-1991 [NCAR_DS485.0]
Daily station precipitation and monthly soil temperature from China, 180 stations. Prepared by China under exchange agreements.

81. China Monthly Station Precipitation and Temperature, 1951-1984, for 50 stns [NCAR_DS578.2]
This dataset contains monthly temperature and precipitation data for Chinese stations for 1951 to 1984.

82. China Monthly Station Precipitation and Temperature, 1951-2000 [NCAR_DS578.1]
Monthly mean surface temperature (deg C) and monthly accumulated precipitation (mm) from 160 land stations in China from 1951 to 2000. This data comes from the Institute of ...

83. China Monthly Station Precipitation, 1951-1980 [NCAR_DS578.0]
This dataset contains monthly precipitation amounts for Chinese stations for 1951 to 1980.

84. China Summary of Day 1979May-Sep [NCAR_DS514.0]
Summary of day for 78 Chinese stations For FGGE.

85. Climate Model Outputs Assembled by DSS for EPA Carbon Dioxide Studies [NCAR_DS318.0]
Various global climate model runs at several institutions were made in the 1980s to assess the impact of increasing levels of atmospheric CO2 on the global climate. The Data ...

86. Climate Model Products from Germany's Deutches Klimarechenzentrum [NCAR_DS319.3]
This dataset contains climate model output from Deutches Klimarechenzentrum (DKRZ) in Germany. The model output consists of monthly mean grids for several variables from three ...

87. Climate Model Products from the First-generation Global Coupled Model at the Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis [NCAR_DS319.1]
The Canadian Centre for Climate Modelling and Analysis (CCCMA) has developed several climate simulation models for use in projecting natural climate change and assessing the ...

88. Climate Model Products from the United Kingdom's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (HCCPR) [NCAR_DS319.2]
This dataset contains climate model output products from the United Kingdom's Hadley Centre for Climate Prediction and Research (HCCPR). The model output consists of monthly ...

89. Climatological Mean Global Wind Stress and Curl, by Harrison et al. [NCAR_DS232.1]
A monthly mean climatological wind stress was derived from the National Climate Center TDF-11 ocean observations. The dataset was derived in 1989 using the Large and Pond algorithm ...

90. Cloud Properties from ISCCP and PATMOS-x Corrected for Spurious Variability Related to Changes in Satellite Orbits, Instrument Calibrations, and Other Factors [NCAR_DS741.5]
A post hoc empirical correction procedure has been applied to grid box anomalies in total cloud amount from the International Satellite Cloud Climatology Project (ISCCP) dataset ...

91. Cogley and Briggs Global 1-Degree Precipitation Climatology and Topography [NCAR_DS768.0]
This dataset contains 1-degree global topography data and precipitation climatology.

92. Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform Ocean Surface Wind Velocity, 1987 - ongoing [NCAR_DS744.9]
The Cross-Calibrated Multi-Platform (CCMP) data product is derived through cross-calibration and assimilation of ocean surface wind data from SSM/I, TMI, AMSR-E, SeaWinds on ...

93. Daily 5-Degree Northern Hemisphere Time Series Tropospheric Analyses, continuing from 1946 [NCAR_DS195.1]
The polar-stereographic grids in ds195.0 [] were interpolated to create this dataset of 5-degree Northern Hemisphere latitude/longitude ...

94. Daily Argentina Time Series Radiosonde Observations, 1958-1991 [NCAR_DS394.0]
Argentina has provided upper air soundings for twenty stations for the general period 1958-1991, but the actual period varies by station.

95. Daily Minimum and Maximum Temperature and Precipitation for Long Term Stations from the U.S. COOP Data [NCAR_DS510.6]
Daily minimum and maximum temperature and precipitation have been extracted for long term stations from the U.S. COOP station network. The data has been extracted for the period ...

96. Daily Northern Hemisphere 47x51 Forecast Grids, sporadically between November 1967 and December 1971 [NCAR_DS062.0]
This dataset contains various daily NMC forecast grids on a 47x51 Northern Hemisphere polar-stereographic grid centered on the North Pole. Grids on various tropospheric levels ...

97. Daily Northern Hemisphere 47x51 Time Series Tropospheric Analyses, continuing from 1946 (but generally 1962) [NCAR_DS195.0]
This dataset contains a time-series collection of daily gridded Northern Hemisphere tropospheric data on a 47-by-51 polar-stereographic grid. These grids have been assembled ...

98. Daily Northern Hemisphere Sea Level Pressure Grids, continuing from 1899 [NCAR_DS010.0]
The 5-degree latitude/longitude grids contained in this dataset make up the longest continuous set of daily gridded Northern Hemisphere sea-level pressure data in the DSS archive. ...

99. Daily Rawinsondes from San Cristobal Island (Galapagos), December 1990-December 1998 [NCAR_DS401.0]
Daily rawinsonde data for San Cristobal Island (Galapagos) were keyed from the original hardcopy forms as part of NCDC's Climate Modernization Database Program and then sent ...

100. Daily and Monthly Texas Surface Observations, 1898-1975 [NCAR_DS510.2]
Daily and monthly surface observations for Texas stations for January 1898 to December 1975.

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