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MISTRALS Program Data Center

Service Provider Description
Sedoo, the data service of the OMP CNES / CNRS / IRD / Météo-France / UPS aims to develop management applications / processing / distribution of environmental science and websites associated with its collection. This work is conducted within the framework of:

major campaigns of multidisciplinary measures (ocean, atmosphere, land surface ...) international or national programs;
SO (Services observations) or ERO (observatories Environmental Research) National to monitor environmental parameters on the medium and long term;
Applications of atmospheric chemistry ETHER pole community
management requests data from laboratories OMP or CNRM, Météo-France URA - CNRS.

To pool expertise, SEDOO works in synergy with other data centers operate at the national level in the same field of expertise - including ESPRI service IPSL, the Coriolis and STSC ICARE center - and other centers national and international data. Concerning applications ETHER pole, the STSC ETHER of OMP, part of SEDOO leads its development so that access data via the centralized portal ETHER managed IPSL. Meetings of the coordination cell ETHER help ensure harmonization developed in both STSC ETHER applications and identify common areas.
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