European Multidisciplinary Seafloor Observation

Project Description
EMSO is a large-scale European Research Infrastructure in the field of environmental sciences. EMSO will be based on a European-scale network of seafloor observatories and platforms with the basic scientific objective of long-term monitoring, mainly in real-time, of environmental processes related to the interaction between the geosphere, biosphere, and hydrosphere, including natural hazards. It will be a geographically distributed infrastructure composed of several deep-seafloor observatories, which will be deployed on specific sites around European waters, reaching from the Arctic to the Black Sea passing through the Mediterranean Sea, thus forming a widely distributed pan-European infrastructure. The map above illustrates the currently-envisioned location of EMSO sites around Europe.

The creation of EMSO research infrastructure is currently supported by the European Commission under the Framework Programme 6 (FP6), through the ESONET Network of Excellence and under the Framework Programme 7 (FP7) through EMSO-Preparatory Phase.