Indien Gaz Ocean

Project Description
This document presents {sup 14}C activities (expressed in the internationally adopted {Delta}{sup 14}C scale) from water samples taken at various locations and depths in the Indian and Southern oceans through the Indien Gaz Ocean (INDIGO) project.^These data were collected as part of the INDIGO 1, INDIGO 2, and INDIGO 3 cruises, which took place during the years 1985, 1986, and 1987, respectively.^These data have been used to estimate the penetration of anthropogenic CO{sub 2} in the Indian and Southern oceans.^The document also presents supporting data for potential temperature, salinity, density (sigma-theta), {delta}{sup 13}C, and total CO{sub 2}.^All radiocarbon measurements have been examined statistically for quality of sample counts and stability of counting efficiency and background.^In addition, all data have been reviewed by the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center and assessed for gross accuracy and consistency (absence of obvious outliers and other anomalous values).^These data are available free of charge as a numeric data package (NDP) from the Carbon Dioxide Information Analysis Center.^The NDP consists of this document and a magnetic tape containing machine-readable files.^This document provides sample listing of the Indian Ocean radiocarbon data as they appear on the magnetic tape, as well as a complete listing of these data in tabular form.^This document also offers retrieval program listings, furnishes information on sampling methods and data selection, defines limitations and restrictions of the data, and provides reprints of pertinent literature.^13 refs., 4 tabs.

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