Limnology of continental aquatic environments & algal diversity, Deception Is.

Project Description
The aims of this project are: the limnological characterization of the
different water bodies from Deception Island through the study of
biotic factors (distribution of continental algae) and morphometric
and physico-chemical features; the analysis of the diversity of
freshwater, aerophilic and cryobiontic algae by means of a thorough
floristic survey and comparison with floras of surrounding areas
(Maritime Antarctica, Tierra del Fuego and Patagonia); the study of
the structure and dynamics of algal communities from different
biotopes (phytoplankton and periphyton) throughout summer and their
relation with abiotic features; and the definition of the trophic
status of water bodies and its relation with different sources of
natural eutrophication.

Duration of Project: 2002-2004