Mapping Spectral Variability in Global Climate Project

Project Description
The SPECMAP Project contains climatic time series of the past
400,000 years, as well as basic downcore and core-top data from
which these time series are derived. Downcore records include
(1) quantitative data on planktonic species and assemblages
which reflect conditions in the surface waters of the Atlantic
Ocean; (2) estimates of sea-surface temperature derived from
these faunal data; and (3) measurements of O-18, C-13 difference
(planktic and benthic), and Cd/Ca. The age model used to
transform each downcore record into a time series by correlation
of its O-18 record with the published O-18 chronology of Imbrie
et al. (1984) is given. Time series with uniformly spaced
samples may be calculated by linear interpolation. The O-18
chronologies of Imbrie et al. (1984) and Martinson et al.
(1987) are given for reference, as well as orbital time series
taken from the work of Berger (1978a,b). Also archived are
N. G. Kipp's Atlantic core-top foraminiferal data and SST
equations FA20 and UW7 derived from them by procedures described
in Kipp (1976).

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