Greenland Ice Sheet Project II

Project Description
The Greenland Ice Sheet Project II, initiated by the Arctic System
Science (ARCSS) at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC), has
retrieved a deep-ice core from central Greenland. The
3053.44-meter-deep GISP2 core is yielding a high-resolution,
110,000-year-plus history of global change, including at least the
last interglacial and glacial cycle. This constitutes the longest such
record available from the Northern Hemisphere. Properties being
studied in the GISP2 core include gases and their stable isotopes,
stable isotopes in ice, particles, major and trace element chemistry
of ice, conductivity, and physical properties. The detailed view of
global system history revealed from these ice-core properties will
expand significantly our understanding of global change - evolution,
process, trend, and coherence. The ARCSS and GISP2 is funded by the
National Science Foundation (NSF).
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