SCAR King George Island GIS Project

Project Description
King George Island is one of the South Shetland Islands. It is located close to
the Northern tip of the Antarctic Peninsula. The island is dominated by a huge
ice cap. More than 90% of the island are glaciated. The ice-free areas and
coastal zones of the island carry a diverse plant and animal life. Penguins,
seals, petrels and a comparable rich vegetation make the island's natural
environment not only a favorite for tourist cruises.

King George Island has also the greatest concentration of multinational
research activities in Antarctica. Human activities on the island are based on
nine permanent stations and an airstrip maintained by the Chilean airforce.

Probably nowhere else in Antarctica the need for coordinated approaches in
research activities and environmental management is more evident than on King
George Island. This is reflected by Scientific Committee on Antarctic
Research's (SCAR) recommendation SCAR XXVI-6 adopted at the XXVIth Meeting of
SCAR in Tokyo, July 2000, that calls for efforts to integrate scientific
objectives and for collaboration among the nations working on the island. The
SCAR King George Island GIS (SCAR KGIS) project provides a fundamental
contribution to these endeavors.

The project makes available an integrated geographic database for use by all
countries and in multi-disciplinary applications. It is coordinated under the
Geographic Information Program of the SCAR Geospatial Information Group.

Currently the project is hosted at and coordinated by Institut f. Physische
Geographie, University Freiburg, Germany.

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