Schools of the Pacific Rainfall Climate Experiment

Project Description
The Schools of the Pacific Rainfall Climate Experiment (SPaRCE)
is a cooperative field project involving local meteorological
services, elementary, middle school, high school, college, and
trade school students from various Pacific islands, atolls, and
the U.S. The SPaRCE program (headquartered at the University of
Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma) began in January 1993 with only a
handful of Pacific schools. Since its implementation, the
project has quickly grown. There are currently over 160 schools
from approximately 22 different countries enrolled.

Goals of the SPARCE Program:

1. Increase the number of rain gauges, as well as other
meteorological instrumentation, across the Pacific and
incorporate collected observations into a comprehensive Pacific
database to be used for climate research purposes

2. Foster interest and increase the awareness among students and
teachers of the need for cooperation among different nations in
investigating potential climate change

3. Educate students and teachers about the importance of
rainfall (particularly in the Pacific region) to climate studies

4. Provide the students and teachers with an opportunity to make
a major contribution to the global climate research effort by
collecting and analyzing Pacific meteorological data

5. Foster scientific and cultural exchange between students from
different countries

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