Seasonal Ice Zone Experiment

Project Description
The Seasonal Ice Zone Experiment (SIZEX) began on January 13, 1989,
when the POLARBJORN sailed from Tromso en route to operations in Fram
Strait. The first cruise lasted from February 9 until March 5, 1989,
and the second one from March 8 until April 2, 1989. Biophysical
oceanographic operations commenced April 4 and concluded May 17,
1989. The first SIZEX cruise concentrated on conditions in the
vicinity of Bjornoya, south of Svalbard; all subsequent cruises were
located in the Fram Strait region west of Svalbard.

The HAAKON MOSBY's (University of Bergen, Norway) participation in the
SIZEX phase began on February 25, 1989, when the ship left Tromso,
Norway, bound for regions in the Barents Sea. From February 26 to
March 7, 1989, the ship operated in the general area between the
Svalbard and the northern coast of Norway. On March 7, the HAAKON
MOSBY headed northwest toward regions in the Fram Strait west and
southwest of Svalbard, where the ship cruised seaward of the pack ice
edge from March 11 to March 19, 1989. The HAAKON MOSBY then headed
southeast into the Barents Sea, finally returning to port on March 23,

[Summary provided by NSIDC]