Andes Project

Project Description
The Andes Project ANDES project is developing advanced technology to
support distance education. Development of ANDES is funded by the
Annenberg Center for Communications at USC. The ANDES system allows
students to take courses at home, while accessing educational
resources on the Internet and engaging in teleconferences with
teachers and other students. The system will seamlessly integrate
net-based and CD-ROM-based educational resources. This project will
show that distance education can be delivered effectively in a
computer-based mode, in contrast to conventional techniques which rely
heavily on video broadcasts of lectures.

The goal of this work is to demonstrate the kinds of distance
education techniques that will be available once high-speed Internet
connections are commonplace. By storing resources on the student's
local machine, we can dramatically increase the perceived throughput
of the system. We intend to use this system as a vehicle for
collaborative education and pedagogical agent technologies.

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