Seminole County Watershed Atlas

Project Description
SCWA (Seminole County Watershed Atlas)is designed to provide
citizens, scientists, and planners of the region with
comprehensive and current water quality, hydrologic, and
ecological data, as well as, a library of scientific and
educational resources on ecology and management. Typically, the
scientists and citizens who live and work on waterbodies have
found it difficult to gather the information they need from the
myriad of agencies that collect the related data. To solve this
problem, we conceived of the Atlas as a "One Stop Information
Shop" for concerned citizens and scientists alike. The Atlas
functions as a warehouse for a variety of water resources
information, including documents and educational links. We have
also strived to make the Atlas a rich resource that educates
citizens about the data presented and gives scientists easy
access to the specialized information they need. We encourage
you to use the Atlas as a tool to help in maintaining and
improving our vital water resources.

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