SAGE III Ozone Loss and Validation Experiment

Project Description
The SAGE III (Stratospheric and Atmospheric Gas Experiment III) Ozone
Loss and Validation Experiment (SOLVE) is an experimental field
campaign sponsored by NASA.

The SOLVE campaign is designed to examine the processes which control
polar to mid-latitude stratospheric ozone levels. The mission will be
staged during the 1999-2000 northern winter from Kiruna, Sweden. The
SOLVE campaign will employ the NASA ER-2, NASA DC-8, the OMS in-situ
and remote sensing balloon payloads, ground station observations, and
an extensive theory team. The results of SOLVE will be both expand
understanding of polar ozone processes, and will provide greater
confidence in current ozone monitoring capabilities. This knowledge
provides the basis for setting sound public policies which will help
to preserve the Earth's ozone layer. Final data will be archived in
July 2000.

THESEO-2000 opertes in collaboration with the NASA SAGE III Ozone Loss
and Validation Experiment (SOLVE).

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