Scientific Ice Expeditions

Project Description
SCICEX is a 5 year program (1995-1999) in which the Navy has made
available a Sturgeon-class, nuclear powered, attack submarine for
unclassified science cruises to the Arctic Ocean. Beginning with a
test cruise in 1993, civilian scientists together with Navy personnel
have collected a variety of information on the geology, physics,
chemistry and biology of this critical region. The unmatched mobility
of submarines in ice covered oceans has allowed data to be collected
from over 100,000 miles of shiptrack in the Arctic providing samples
from some regions that have never before been visited.
(adaopted from the SCICEX Program Page)

The following submaries have been used in SCICEX:

- SCICEX/93 USS Pargo
- SCICEX/95 USS Cavalla
- SCICEX/96 USS Pogy
- SCICEX/97 USS Archerfish
- SCICEX/98 USS Hawkbill
- SCICEX/99 USS Hawkbill

For more information, data, and research results, see the SCICEX
Program page at: