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Platform: ICESAT > Ice, Cloud and Land Elevation Satellite
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Orbit Altitude: ~600 km
Orbit Inclination: 94 degrees
Period: ~97 minutes
Repeat Cycle: 91 days with ~33 days subcycle
Perigee: 593 km (368 mi)
Apogee: 610 km (379 mi)
Orbit Type: LEO > Low Earth Orbit > Polar Non-Sun-Synchronous
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[Source: NASA ICESat home page]

ICESat (Ice, Cloud,and land Elevation Satellite) is the benchmark Earth Observing System mission for measuring ice sheet mass balance, cloud and aerosol heights, as ... View entire text
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Platform Logistics:
Design Life: 3 years
Launch Date: 2003-01-12
Launch Site: Vandenberg Air Force Base, USA
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