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Instrument: HIRS : High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder
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The High Resolution Infrared Radiation Sounder (HIRS) is an
atmospheric sounding instrument that has provided important
information on atmospheric temperatures in cloud-free conditions since
1978. The latest version, HIRS/3, will be flown on NOAA-K, -L, -M in
the years from 1998. A similar instrument, HIRS/4, will be flown on
EUMETSAT's Metop-1, -2, -3 from 2005. They will provide high
resolution temperature soundings of the global atmosphere in
cloud-free conditions of great importance to meteorology and
climatology. The instruments will be provided by NOAA, assuring data
homogeneity from the two series of operational polar spacecraft. The
20-channel HIRS/3 instrument has an effective ground Field of View
(FOV) of about 20 km, while in HIRS/4 the effective FOV will be
reduced to about 10 km in order to improve the ability of the
instrument to view cloud-free scenes.

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