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Instrument: SCIAMACHY : Scanning Imaging Absorption Spectrometer for Atmospheric Chartography
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Spectral/Frequency Information
Wavelength Keyword: Ultraviolet
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 240 nm - 2380 nm

Wavelength Keyword: Visible
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 240 nm - 2380 nm

Wavelength Keyword: Near Infrared
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 240 nm - 2380 nm

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The SCanning Imaging Absorption SpectroMeter for Atmospheric CHartographY
(SCIAMACHY) is an Announcement of Opportunity (AO) European Space Agency
(ESA) instrument on the ENVISAT spacecraft (launched March 1, 2002).
SCIAMACHY is a joint project of Germany and The Netherlands for global
atmospheric measurements. SCIAMACHY comprises a moderately high
resolution (0.2-0.4 nm) spectrometer to observe transmitted, reflected and
scattered light from the atmosphere in the UV, visible and near infrared
wavelength regions over the range 240-1700 nm, and in 2 selected regions
between 2.0 and 2.4 micron. The goal is to allow small optical absorptions
(as small as 2E-4 in some regions of the spectrum) to be detected.

SCIAMACHY is designed to measure both tropospheric and stratospheric
abundances of a number of atmospheric constituents, which take part in
Ozone break-off or in the greenhouse effect. Targeted species are:

-in the troposphere - Ozone,O4, N2O, NO2, HH4, CO, CO2,
H2O and aerosols and, in polluted conditions, SO2

-in the stratosphere - Ozone, NO, NO2, NO3, CH4, CO2,
H2O, ClO, OClO, BrO, aerosols, stratospheric clouds, and possibly,
HCHO and CO.

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