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Instrument: MWRI : MicroWave Radiation Imager
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Optical image can only see the surface of an object, such as ” “ we can only have the light, and useful case see images of objects.Penetrating ” “ microwave has the ability, microwave image reflects the object's temperature and dielectric properties, and more.Such as sea surface temperature monitoring with microwave instrument we can get during the day and night temperature of the ocean, and the information is not affected by weather, where there is a cloud cover, we can obtain the ocean surface temperature information.Different microwave frequency bands have different penetration.In General, the frequency, the lower the more penetration.By selecting different frequency observations imaging, we can obtain different target information.Oscar Niemeyer, 3, A star on the load of IMI five frequency, each frequency has two polarization mode.The frequency of sensing can provide us with all-weather, probably the largest land surface temperature, soil moisture, snow depth flood, drought, structure, atmospheric moisture content of the typhoon, and so a wealth of information.IMI's observations can also be used in numerical weather prediction models, let our weather forecast more accurate.

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Instrument Start Date: 2008-05-29
Instrument Owner: China/NSMC