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Instrument: MERSI : MEdium Resolution Spectral Imager
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Spectral imaging instrument in the resolution to probe a system from the Earth's atmosphere, I get the electromagnetic radiation in the 20 channels in multi-spectral information.By imaging, you can implement vegetation, ecology, land cover classification and snow-covered global land surface characteristics such as remote sensing instruments 8-16-wave channel is high SNR narrow-band channel, can be realized by chlorophyll, suspended sediment and the concentration of soluble yellow substance inversion; instrument 2.13 ┬Ám channel on the aerosol relatively transparent, combined with a visible channel, you can implement quantitative terrestrial aerosol; remote sensing 0.94 Micron near-infrared moisture absorption of 3 channels, enhances atmospheric water vapor especially low-level moisture detectability; 250 m resolution visible light three-channel truecolor image, you can implement a variety of natural disasters and environmental impact monitoring, monitoring of image Mesoscale convective clouds and surface characteristics of fine.In resolution spectral imager can high precision sensing cloud properties, aerosol, land surface, Ocean color, such as the lower water vapor, implements the geophysical elements to air, land and sea of multi-spectral continuous comprehensive observation.

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Instrument Start Date: 2008-05-29
Instrument Owner: China/NSMC