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Spectral/Frequency Information
Spectral/Frequency Resolution: 13.6 GHz in the Ku-band, 5.3 GHz in the C-band

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The Poseidon-3 radar altimeter is the main instrument on the Jason-2 mission. Derived from the Poseidon-1 altimeter on Topex/Poseidon and the Poseidon-2 on Jason-1, it measures sea level, wave heights and wind speed.

The Poseidon-3 altimeter emits pulses at two frequencies 13.6 and 5.3 GHz to measure the distance from the satellite to the surface (range). Free electrons in the atmosphere can delay the signal's return, affecting the measurement accuracy. The delay is directly related to the radar frequency, so the difference between the two measurements can be used to determine atmospheric electron content. Poseidon-3 is coupled with Doris/Diode, to improve measurements over coastal areas, inland waters and ice.

Additional information on the Poseidon-3 instrument is available on the AVISO site.

[Description Source: NASA JPL Ocean Surface Topography from Space Home Page]

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Instrument Owner: France/CNES