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Instrument: NS-001 TMS : NS-001 Thematic Mapper Simulator
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The Thematic Mapper Simulator (TMS) instruments are designed to
simulate spectral, spatial, and radiometric characteristics of
the Thematic Mapper sensor on the Landsat-4 and 5
spacecraft. The two instruments used in OTTER are similar, but
they are flown at different altitudes thereby yielding data with
different resolutions. The NS001 TMS is generally flown at
medium altitudes and provides 12.2-meter resolution at nadir at
an altitude of 16,000 feet (4,864 meters). The Daedalus TMS is
flown at higher altitudes and provides a ground resolution of 25
meters at an altitude of 65,000 feet (19,760 meters). The NS001
TMS is flown aboard NASA's C-130 aircraft based at the NASA Ames
Research Center. The Daedalus TMS is flown aboard the NASA ER-2

Although the TMS sensors are very similar, they differ slightly
from each other and from the Landsat TM instruments. Both TMS
instruments have 7 spectral channels that are very similar to
those of the TM sensor. However, they both have additional
channels; the NS001 TMS has one additional IR channel and the
Daedalus TMS has five additional channels.

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