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Instrument: SIM : Spectral Irradiance Monitor
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Spectral/Frequency Information
Wavelength Keyword: Visible
Number Channels: 1
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 300 - 2000 nm

Wavelength Keyword: Near Infrared
Number Channels: 1
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 200 - 2000 nm

Wavelength Keyword: Ultraviolet
Number Channels: 1
Spectral/Frequency Coverage/Range: 200 - 300 nm

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The Spectral Irradiance Monitor is a newly designed spectrometer that will
provide the first long-duration solar spectral irradiance measurements in the
visible and near infrared (Vis/NIR). The wavelength coverage is primarily from
300 to 2000 nm, with an additional channel to cover the 200-300 nm ultraviolet
spectral region to overlap with the SOLSTICE, another instrument on-board the
SORCE satellite. Understanding the wavelength-dependent variability throughout
SIM's wavelength range is of primary importance for long-term climate change
studies on Earth. SIM is a single optical element Fıry prism spectrometer; only
one optical element is needed to focus and disperse the light onto a series of
detectors in the spectrometer's focal plane. In this focal plane, four
photodiode detectors and an electrical substitution radiometer (ESR) are used
to detect solar radiation. SIM contains two completely independent and
identical (mirror-image) spectrometers to provide redundancy and
self-calibration capability.

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Instrument Logistics
Data Rate: 1001 bps
Instrument Start Date: 2003-01-25
Instrument Owner: LASP-CU