Office of Water, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

Data Center Description
The EPA's Office of Water has specific goals/objectives related to
water and water quality.

Objective 1: By 2005, protect human health so that 95% of the
population served by community water systems will receive water that
meets health-based drinking water standards, consumption of
contaminated fish and shellfish will be reduced, and exposure to
microbial and other forms of contamination in waters used for
recreation will be reduced.

Objective 2: By 2005, increase by 175 the number of watersheds where
80 percent or more of assessed waters meet water quality standards,
including standards that support healthy aquatic communities. (The
1998 baseline is 501 watersheds out of a national total of 2,262.)

Objective 3: By 2005, reduce pollutant loadings from key point and
nonpoint sources by at least 11% from 1992 levels. Air deposition of
key pollutants will be reduced to 1990 levels.


[Summary provided by the EPA.]