FENGYUN Satellite Data Center, China

Data Center Description
FENGYUN Satellite Data Center is the archive center for FY-3, FY-2, and FY-1 satellites' data.

Storm III (FY-3) satellite is China's second-generation polar orbit meteorological satellite, which is the basis of FY-1 meteorological satellite technology on the development and improvement in function and technology a big step forward with qualitative change, specific requirements to solve the three-dimensional atmospheric detection, ability to obtain substantial increase in global data to further enhance the cloud and surface characteristics of remote sensing capabilities, enabling access to global, all-weather, three-dimensional, quantitative, multi-spectral atmosphere, surface and sea surface parameters. FY-3 meteorological satellite applications for purposes such as four aspects:

- the provision of global numerical weather prediction for the medium-term resolution of the meteorological parameters uniform.

- study of global change, including climate variation, climate prediction for the variety of meteorological and geophysical parameters.

- monitoring of large-scale natural disasters and the surface environment.

- for a variety of professional activities (aviation, maritime, etc.) of any region to provide global weather information, meteorological support services for the military

Data Center URL
URL: http://satellite.cma.gov.cn/portalsite/default.aspx