Climate Change Initiative, European Space Agency

Data Center Description
To respond to this need the European Space Agency (ESA) has initiated a new programme, Global Monitoring of Essential Climate Variables (known for convenience as the ESA Climate Change Initiative). It will provide an adequate, comprehensive, and timely response to the extremely challenging set of requirements for highly stable, long-term satellite-based products for climate, that have been addressed to Space Agencies via the Global Climate Observing System (GCOS) and the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS). It is exclusively concerned with addressing the explicit needs of UNFCCC.

The initiative will implement a programme of work that ensures the responsibilities and capabilities of ESA member states in addressing issues of climate change can be undertaken on a scale commensurate with the problem. It is based on the delivery of climate variables derived from satellite data sets (not just ESA but all sources via international collaboration) and includes all aspects of their availability including data acquisition, calibration and validation, long term algorithm maintenance, data curation and reprocessing as necessary, all within the context of an internationally agreed set of priorities.

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