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How changes in ice cover, permafrost and UV radiation impact on biodiversity and biogeochemical fluxes in the Arctic Ocean?

Abstract: We currently witness in the Arctic: 1) a decrease in summer ice cover that exposes sea surface to solar radiation and physical forcings, 2) permafrost thawing and increased river runoff, both leading to an increase in the export to ocean of organic carbon previously sequestered in the Tundra, 3) an increase in ultraviolet radiation. These three phenomena favour a growing mineralization of organic carbon through photo-oxidation and bacterial activity, resulting in an amplification of the increase in atmospheric CO2. At the same time, the exposure of a larger fraction of ocean surface to sun light and the increase in nutrients brought by rivers lead to larger autotrophic production and sequestration of organic carbon.

Purpose: To determine and monitor the balance of these processes, we will conduct an extensive study in the Mackenzie River / Beaufort Sea system in July and August 2008 onboard the Canadian research ice-breaker CCGS Amundsen. The spatial distribution of organic carbon stocks (living and detrital) in the water column and sediments will be determined on the shelf and beyond. The magnitude and variability of ... View entire text
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