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Zooplankton counts from bongo net hauls in the Gulf of Alaska 2004
Entry ID: bongo_catch_CGOA_NEP

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Abstract: Bongo net tows occurred along the coastal waters of the Gulf of Alaska from 19 October to 8 November 2004. Transects sampled during the survey were perpendicular to shore and extended from nearshore across the continental shelf to oceanic waters beyond the 200-m shelf break. The survey was conducted aboard the contract fishing vessel F/V Great Pacific during 2004. Zooplankton samples were collected using bongo nets with mesh sizes of 335 and 505 microns that were towed obliquely relative to the surface to a depth of 20 meters. The volume of water filtered by the net was estimated using flow meters. Plankton samples were transferred into vials, preserved in 5% formalin onboard the ship, and stored until a laboratory analysis was completed.
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Description: Bongo net catches from the coastal waters of the Gulf of Alaska from 19 October to 8 November 2004
Geographic Coverage
Spatial coordinates   
  N: 58.93   S: 54.29   E: -151.6   W: -157.45
Min Depth: 0 Max Depth: 24

Temporal Coverage
Start Date: 2004-10-15
Stop Date: 2004-11-12
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BONGO NETS Ancillary Description
Use Constraints Any person making substantial use of a data set must communicate with the investigators who acquired the data prior to publication and anticipate that the data collectors will be co-authors of published results. This extends to model results and to data organized for retrospective studies.
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Dataset ID: Bongo_catch_CGOA_NEP

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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
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11305 Glacier Highway,
Alaska Fisheries Science Center
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