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ForestView - an Interactive Forest Cooperative Stand Assessment (CSA) Mapping Application from the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR)
Entry ID: ForestView-00
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Abstract: ForestView provides interactive map-based access to the DNR Forestry Cooperative Stand Assessment (CSA) database. This database contains detailed forest inventory information on over 5 million acres of Minnesota state- and county-owned lands.

CSA maps the boundaries and tabulates the contents of all forest stands 5 acres and larger on state-owned land. Stand boundaries are drawn by interpretation of aerial photographs. All other stand data are collected in the field on plots established within each stand; boundaries may be redrawn at the time of field data collection.

Forest treatments such as cutting, thinning, planting or seeding alters the stand's attributes. Local forest managers submit their alterations to the CSA database on a regular schedule so that the entire database remains current.

ForestView+ - Displays CSA data on top of user-selectable Landsat satellite imagery. These images enable users to visually extend information from inventoried state lands to surrounding, uninventoried lands; providing a complete picture of the landscape.

ForestView - Provides access to CSA data only. Suited to users of older operating systems (eg., Windows 3.1) and/or older web browsers (eg., versions of Netscape prior to 3.0).

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Description: Minnesota's Department of Natural Resources Online Information
Service Citation
Originators: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
Title: ForestView
Provider: Minnesota Department of Natural Resources
ISO Topic Category
Access Constraints
ForestView provides access to CSA data only. Suited to users of
older operating systems (eg., Windows 3.1) and/or older web
browsers (eg., versions of Netscape prior to 3.0). Requires
Javascript support.
Use Constraints
ForestView + Requires Java and Javascript support (In Netscape
terms, this generally means running version 3.0 or above on
Windows 95, Windows NT, or Unix; or version 4.0 or above on
Windows 3.1. For best results, we recommend using browsers
compatible with Netscape version 4.0 or better.)

ForestView requires Javascript support
Service Provider
Department of Natural Resources, Minnesota

Service Provider Personnel
Phone: (651) 296-6157
Phone: (888) MINNDNR
Fax: (888) 646-6367
Email: info at
Contact Address:
DNR Information Center
500 Lafayette Road
City: St. Paul
Province or State: MN
Postal Code: 55155-4040
Country: USA
Distribution Media
Distribution_Media: Electronic
Distribution_Format: Java
Phone: 301-851-8113
Email: Tyler.B.Stevens at
Contact Address:
5700 Rivertech Court
City: Riverdale
Province or State: MD
Postal Code: 20737
Country: USA
Creation and Review Dates
SERF Creation Date: 2000-09-18
SERF Last Revision Date: 2012-03-06
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