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ISRO Data Portal: A Gateway to Earth Observation Systems and Planetary Sciences
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Abstract: The ISRO Data Portal is an effort to harmonize all the Geospatial efforts of ISRO/DOS Centres through a common gateway – an environment to enhance the outreach besides providing value added services to the user community at large. Information related to various portals of ISRO/DOS and the related programmes are portrayed in this website.

Indian Earth Observation (EO) systems has been providing relevant data in support of a wide range of information needs on earth parameters for improved understanding of the earth from a multitude of observing platforms and sensors. Data and the information derived from the EO Imagery are indispensable part of the basic infrastructure for a country like India. They are widely used in diversified areas like Natural Resources Management, Environment, Disaster Management, Rural Development and Urban planning activities, to take informed decisions at national, regional and local levels.

Understanding the importance of spatial data, ISRO/ DOS has taken many initiatives to establish spatial data repository as well as Web Enabled Geospatial Information Systems to provide information services on natural resources from time to time.

The ‘Bhuvan’, EO visualization portal of ISRO, basically depicts the Indian Earth observation data in 2D and 3D along with many other value added services. ‘NRDB’, the geospatial data repository and services, has organised natural resources database content with a strong metadata for display, query, download and a host of other services on the web to serve the nation in many developmental activities. The ‘MOSDAC’, is yet another unique portal which provides Meteorological and Oceanographic services including near real-time services on cloud movements, weather forecast, agriculture related information etc. It also hosts in situ data from Automatic Weather Station(AWS) and Agro-Met Stations(AMS). These are of immense value for a tropical country like India. In addition, there are various geospatial information portals like Bhoosampada, IBIN, BIS and many more which provide wealth of information on varieties of natural resources to the user community for planning and decision making. There are similar such services from Space Science/ Planetary Science services.

Each one of the portals are providing different types of services on specific themes and are highly useful for decision making with respect to Natural Resources Management, Weather Forecast and Ocean related applications. Since each of these portals have been developed and hosted separately at different centres, there is a need for single point gateway to access these services. ISRO Data Portal is an effort in this regard.

Information related to various portals of ISRO/ DOS and the related programmes are portrayed in this website. One of the important components of this portal is the ‘Data Discovery’, wherein user can query for a particular theme/area and get the relevant metadata about the data and visualise it. Further, user would be redirected to the respective portal for more details.

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