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1. SWAT Check - Software To Identify Potential Model Input Parameters Issues [SWAT_Check]   PARENT SERF
The SWAT Check program reads model output from a SWAT project and performs many simple checks to identify POTENTAL model problems. The intended purpose of this program is to identify model problems ...

2. SatCam - An iPhone Application for User-Driven Satellite Cloud Validation [SatCam]
SatCam lets you capture observations of sky and ground conditions at the same time that an Earth observation satellite is overhead. When you capture a SatCam observation and submit it to our server, ...

3. Atmospheric Sounding Processing Environment (ASPEN) [NCAR_ATD_ASPEN]
Aspen (Atmospheric Sounding Processing Environment) is used for analysis and quality control (QC) of sounding data. The program runs on Windows machines. It has the following capabilities: Automatically ...

4. Calms Processor [CALMPRO]
Calms Processor (CALMPRO) is a meteorological processor which provides consistent application of handling calms by setting the wind direction of the calm hour to the last reported wind direction and ...

5. 1DTempPro - A program for analysis of vertical one-dimensional (1D) temperature profiles [USGS_1DTempPro]
1DTempPro is a computer program for the analysis of one-dimensional vertical temperature profiles. The program is a graphical user interface (GUI) to the previously published USGS code VS2DH, which ...

6. SciaL1C Command-line Tool [ESA_SciaL1C]
The SCIAMACHY Calibration and Extraction Tool SciaL1c is an application provided to the users of the SCIAMACHY Level 1b products. This application allows users to select specific calibrations to apply ...

7. Fis2raw: A tool to convert the FIS format (from the SATMOS, at Lannion) into a simple, headerless, raw binary file [ICARE_fis2raw]
Fis2raw a tool to convert the FIS format (from the SATMOS, at Lannion) into a simple, headerless, raw binary file. The FIS format is a data format provided in particular by the SATMOS Archivage Center, ...

8. GOCE User Toolbox [ESA_GUT]
The GOCE User Toolbox GUT is a compilation of tools for the utilisation and analysis of GOCE Level 2 products. GUT supports applications in Geodesy, Oceanography and Solid Earth Physics. The GUT ...

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