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1. Collaborative Research in IPY: Abrupt Environmental Change in the Larsen Ice Shelf System, a Multidisciplinary Approach -- Cryosphere and Oceans - LARISSA_0732655 [LARISSA_0732655]
Like no other region on Earth, the northern Antarctic Peninsula represents a spectacular natural laboratory of climate change and provides the opportunity to study the record of past climate and ecological ...

2. NBP1001_NBP1203_rockmagentic_data [NBP1001_NBP1203_rockmagnetic_data]
This dataset contains mass-normalized magnetic susceptibility measurements and rockmagnetic measurements on discrete subsamples from NBP10-01 and NBP12-03 sediment cores. Subsamples were collected ...

3. NBP1001_NBP1203_sediment_cores [NBP1001_NBP1203_sediment_cores]
This physical collection consists of kasten core archive tubes, jumbo piston core sections, and mega core archive cores from USAP cruises NBP10-01 and NBP12-03. These cruises were part of the Larsen ...

Showing 1 through 3 of 3
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