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1. Eastern Pacific Investigation of Climate (EPIC) at UCAR/JOSS/NOAA/CODIAC [EPIC_UCAR_JOSS_NOAA_CODIAC]
EPIC-2001 field campaign is part of the CLIVAR/PACS multinational cooperative experiment sponsored by the U.S. National Science Foundation and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, ...

2. IRS WiFS data of HinduKush-Himalayan Region [ICId0018_202]
IRS WiFS coverage of most of the HKH region Attached Image(s): Member ID: 1 Image Name: 86-42 of 30 Sep 96 ...

3. Geophysical Properties of New Zealand Database [GNS_GP]
The Geophysical Properties of New Zealand Database contains five datasets related to geophysical properties of the solid earth. 1. Land Gravity - Over 37,000 digital records covering ...

4. Data Products for the Indian Remote Sensing Satellites [NRSC_IRS_LISS_PRODUCT]
The series of indian Remote sensing satellites like IRS-1A,IRS-1B,IRS-1C,IRS-1D,IRS-P4,IRS-P6,IRS-P5 with spatial resolution ranging from 360m to 2.5m and also with pancromatic and multispectral imaging ...

5. Modular Optoelectronic Scanner (MOS) Level 1B Product [IP3.MOS.L1B]
MOS is an experimental imaging spectrometer built by DLR and flying on-board of the Indian ISRO IRS-P3 spacecraft. Its mission is dedicated to the study of Ocean Colour and Atmosphere with capability ...

Showing 1 through 5 of 5
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