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1. U.S. Cloudiness and Sunshine Duration Data for the Contiguous U.S. by James Angell [OSDPD0171]
This directory entry was created from information gathered in a survey conducted as part of NOAA's Data System Modernization program. This data set contains cloudiness observations and sunshine duration ...

2. Daily and Hourly Weather Observations, Rainfall Totals, Climatic Data and Meansfor Kazan, Russia (1876-1930) [NCL00031_57_84]
The Kazan rainfall data resides in 1 book, 'Rainfall in Kazan' (C/db p987), and is written in Russian. This book contains tables of monthly and annual rainfall totals for each year of the period 1876 ...

3. Daily, Monthly, Seasonal and Annual Observations and Climate Data for Lithuania (1777-1937) [NCL00032_33_34_66]
The daily, monthly and annual climate data resides in 3 books, 'Les Donnees Climatologiques De Lithuanie' ( C/dba L776c), and is written in French and Lithuanian. The data contained in these books ...

4. Historical Sunshine and Cloud Data in the United States, CDIAC NDP-021/R1 [CDIAC_NDP21]
This package contains monthly sunshine data from 240 U.S. stations (including Puerto Rico and nine Pacific Islands) and monthly cloud amount data from 197 U.S. stations. The longest periods of record ...

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