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1. Nitrogen transformations in fertilized alpine dry and moist meadow soils [lternwt0033]
Net nitrogen mineralization, nitrification, and microbial nitrogen were measured in dry and moist meadow plots on Niwot Ridge from early June to mid-October 1992. Dry meadow plots in the City of Boulder ...

2. LANDSAT RBV Data held by the National Institute for Space Research (INPE), Brazil [INPE_LS_RBV]
INPE's only receiving station for Landsat RBV was located in Cuiaba, MT (geographic coordinates approx. 15.5S/56.0W). Data were acquired routinely over the entire range during the lifetime ...

3. LANDSAT Return Beam Vidicon Camera Data Received at NASDA in Japan [LANDSAT-RBV-NASDA]
The Return Beam Vidicon Camera (RBV) is an imaging system which operates in a single spectral range of 0.505 - 0.750 micrometers with 25 meter resolution. Data collected by the Earth Observation ...

4. LANDSAT User Service of the Brazilian National Institute on Space Research (INPE) [LSATUSERV]
The Brazilian receiving station for Landsat data is located in Cuiaba, state of Mato Grosso, Midwest region: 56 degrees 5 minutes 30 seconds West longitude, and 15 degrees ...

5. Landsat Imagery from the University of Alaska Geophysical Institute, GeoData Center [ALI]
Landsat imagery at the University of Alaska's Geophysical Institute includes data covering Alaska and the surrounding areas since 1972. The collection is comprised primarily of Multispectral ...

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