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1. 3D Visualization of Earthquake Focal Mechanisms Using ArcScene [USGS_DS_2007_241]
We created a new tool, 3D Focal Mechanisms (3DFM), for viewing earthquake focal mechanism symbols three dimensionally. This tool operates within the Environmental Systems Research Institute (ESRI®) ...

2. STATIC1D - Program for Solving the Equations of Static Equilibrium in a Spherically Layered Isotropic Medium [USGS_STATIC1D]
These programs solve the equations of static equilibrium in a spherically layered isotropic medium using a decomposition into spheroidal and toroidal motions. For each spherical harmonic degree l ...

3. Slick Package - Stress Inversion from Slip Data [USGS_SLICK_PACKAGE]
The slick package uses fault slip data (either field observations or from focal mechanism) to find the stress tensor that best explains the observations. Inputs are the orientation and slip direction ...

4. VISCO1D - A Program Package to Calculate Quasi-Static Deformation on a Layered Spherical Earth [USGS_VISCO1D]
VISCO1D-v3 is a program package to calculate quasi-static deformation on a layered spherical Earth from a specified input source (fault plane parameters) at specified points on the surface or at depth. ...

5. Earthquake Strains and Rotations Software [USGS_strainz17]
Strainz17.m is a MATLAB-language function for deriving the best-fitting uniform strain tensor and rigid body rotation as functions of time, based on ground displacement or velocity recordings made ...

6. CASMI: "Create A Stress Map Interactively" Software Tool [CASMI]
CASMI is a software tool for generating stress maps. It has a graphical user interface and is the interactive Cousin of CASMO ("Create A Stress Map Online", "") with ...

Showing 1 through 6 of 6
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